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NatureMill Composters

NatureMill composters are all in one composters which make your compost entirely in your kitchen.  No backyard piles, no pitchforks, no overflowing compost crocks.  From banana peel to garden, you don't leave your house.

These composters work by carefully managing all the elements needed for quick compost.  They keep your kitchen scraps at the correct temperature; they turn the compost; they make sure it stays aerated.

They even have a filter to make sure that no smells enter your kitchen.

And the Nature-Mill machine only uses 5 kw/month energy--about $.50/month or less than the average light bulb uses.

Kitchen composting can be difficult.   Nature Mill makes it easy for people who don't have time to fuss with their compost pile, or who don't have room for one.

NatureMill makes two models.

NatureMill ComposterThe NatureMill Plus does everything an average family needs.  It makes compost within 2 weeks, It has all the main features.  It comes with a 1 year warranty.

The NatureMill Pro is the fancy model and would be good for large families or composting a lot of food scraps.  It has stainless steel internal components for heavy use, a vacation energy saving mode, and a foot petal for easy opening.  It has a 3 year warranty.  There are six cool colors to choose from.

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