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Why Compost Garbage?

It's a lot of work to compost garbage.

You must collect it, sort it, figure out a way to pile it and store it until it composts.  In the pile you have to manage it or wait for it.  And finally, when it's done, you have to spread it.

Why go through all the work?

The reasons why you want to compost your organic garbage range from the global to the personal.  As our world faces increasingly serious environmental problems, each person must make composting their garbage their personal responsibility.

When You Compost Garbage, You Reduce Waste

Solid Waste Graph fom EPA

This chart courtesy the  US Environmental Agency Website

As you can see, composting kitchen and garden waste alone will reduce our waste by 25%.  It makes good environmental sense to compost our garbage.

Composting Garbage Reduces Greenhouse Gases

When organic matter is thrown into a landfill, it decomposes anaerobically.  Anaerobic decomposition creates methane, one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.  When you compost kitchen waste in your backyard, under aerobic conditions, this gas is not produced.

According to the EPA, methane gas from landfills accounts for 34% of all methane emissions.  Reducing organic garbage, which reduces landfills, which reduces methane gas will ultimately help the planet.

You Build Soil Structure with your Composted Garbage

Compost benefits soil in many ways.  It adds nutrients that are slowly released to the soil, making it richer for your plants.  Equally important, compost adds microorganisms to the soil.  Earthworms and other insects find a well-stocked banquet in compost.

Compost balances the soil.  It neutralizes various toxins and metals.  It balances the pH.  It moderates soil temperature.

And finally, compost will help to prevent wind and rain erosion.  It binds with soil to form aggregates or crumbs.  This soft, crumbly soil holds water but drains well, and allows oxygen into the soil.  It is an ideal environment for healthy plants.

So when you compost garbage and use it in your garden or on your lawn, you have improved the green space of your home.

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